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.: too much love :. by MissFemke .: too much love :. :iconmissfemke:MissFemke 73 16 .: I still love em :. by MissFemke .: I still love em :. :iconmissfemke:MissFemke 176 31 All your heat_page 9 by ysgwood
Mature content
All your heat_page 9 :iconysgwood:ysgwood 249 56
.:STOP STARING:. by Yume-Mite .:STOP STARING:. :iconyume-mite:Yume-Mite 163 24 Our Last Night by Yume-Mite Our Last Night :iconyume-mite:Yume-Mite 148 39
By: BaffledFox
The high-school Valentine's dance left something to be desired.
It was hosted in the usual auditorium, the lighting was dim to set the mood, and the music was so loud it was nearly deafening. The decorations were basic pink, red, and white – lots of paper hearts and expressions of 'love' plastered on every wall.
Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the cramped, horribly decorated gym; everyone of course, except Dib and Gaz. Dib came in an attempt to thwart his enemy; where as Gaz was forced to come since Dib didn't have a 'date' to speak of, and their father thought this school dance would be a nice bonding moment for the both of them.
Dib was currently leaning against the far all, a wall flower in every sense of the word as he sipped his punch, his amber eyes narrowed as he surveyed the flocks of teens in front of them. He felt sort of stupid in his formal wear; though he was able to sneak out of the house with his trench coat and h
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 38 38
Mature content
Pillow Talk :iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 37 29
By: BaffledFox
Zim was standing with his back to the computers, facing the elevator, his hands tucked behind his back. The luminous light from the monitors cast a shadow across the floor; it looked as if Dib were behind him, slumped over something near the computer console.
“I won.” Zim said absently, though he seemed a little distracted, staring at nothing, his expression neutral despite what he had just said.
You lost, Zim.
Zim’s red eyes looked down to the shadow to his left, frowning just slightly, “No I didn’t.”
What do you have to show for your victory?
Zim was quiet, staring at his feet a long moment, avoiding looking at the shadow to his left.
You messed everything up Zim. I was the only person who cared about you, the Tallest don’t care, Irk doesn’t care.
Zim reeled around, pointing accusingly towards the computers, “Shut up! You don’t know anything! Shut up!”
Dib’s blood-stain
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 31 21
By: BaffledFox
When all the banter was exhausted.
When the blood had finally dried and the bruises started to sting.
When the clothes on their backs were torn with rage.
When Dib's glasses were broken and the boy was stumbling.
That's when the appearances they had held for years finally started to break.
Neither could throw the final punch, neither could just pull the trigger and end it.
They needed each other, they needed this.
No words were left, nothing kind to say.
Just an understanding between enemies.
Dib on one end, Zim on the other, both caught in a glare that took the rest of their strength.
They secretly wished they could pull the final wall down.
They secretly wished the other would say something, just one thing to build the bridge the other could cross over.
But nothing was said.
Nothing happened.
When the glaring had stopped, when the pain took over Dib sunk to the ground, pulling off his glasses with a huff and rubbing his sore eyes. Zim would obs
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 15 5
Mature content
Hentai :iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 185 90
By: BaffledFox
It had been a few weeks since their relationship became official.
Dib had been so nervous, choking on his words when he told the invader his newfound feelings, and then waited for the Irken to either laugh or explode him with a ray gun. Though, instead of doing either, Zim surprised him with that concentrated look before his usual conceited expression took over his features.
He mocked him, poked and prodded him with enough haughty words that Dib’s nervousness fell away to impatience and annoyance. Dib yelled at Zim to just laugh himself silly already so he could go home, and then the invader did the unexpected.
He accepted his feelings and in return offered his own.
So, officially, they had agreed to be a couple.
Fights weren’t absent from their relationship, neither were arguments or anything else(even though they liked each other, they seemed to hate each other with equal passion); but they did manage to find solac
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 6 0
Mature content
Aliens Don't Exist 1 :iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 27 20
iScribble-- Promises by AngelNocturne iScribble-- Promises :iconangelnocturne:AngelNocturne 72 11
Dib's silhouette was harsh against the backdrop of orange, red, and yellows all around him. The teenager was sitting on his roof in a casual pose, his glossy gold eyes taking in the sight of the world before him.
Buildings were on fire, cars, even people.
Screams, alarms, all blending into the glorious sound of chaos all around him.
He didn't feel anything, he felt numb, just staring at the state of the world.
He had lost, he had lost a long time ago and finally everything on the outside reflected exactly how he felt on the inside.
'The world will burn.'
Dib hadn't believed him then, but he sure as hell believed him now.
Smoke filled the air around him, the sky a dark jet black with hints of gray where the smoke trailed to fill in the gaps in the clouds. There was no sunlight, nothing but the flickering light of the fires.
Dib's skin felt warm, sweat glistening on his forehead but he didn't remove his coat. He heard glass breaking, more screaming, heard the snap o
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 58 69
Black and Blue 1
“Black & Blue”
By: BaffledFox
Planet Vegeta was originally known as Planet Plant.
Years ago the superior Saiyan race lived as cast offs and slaves to a weak race known as the Tuffles. The Tuffles exploited the Saiyans, used their natural power and strength to their advantage, like Saiyans were merely pit animals to use and discard. The Saiyan population was small at this time, lived off the land in the wastes outside the cities in which the Tuffles resided. Resources were growing low, and it was only a matter of time before the Tuffles bled the Saiyans completely dry.
It was then the great King Vegeta formulated a plan to get his proud race out of bondage. They waged a civil war with the Tuffles. The war only lasted a handful of days before the bloody mess was ended. The appearance of the moon gave the Saiyans an advantage that was hardly needed against the pathetic race of the Tuffles. A handful of Tuffles were taken as prisoner and used to create ne
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 3 0
Sleeper Agent 1
"Sleeper Agent"
'Chapter One'
By: BaffledFox & AngelNocturne
/Tick. Tick./
/Tick. Tick./
"Doom… Doom… Doom…."
It was a hideous duet of brain-rotting boredom that filled Mrs. Bitters' classroom, the song of another day of learning and drudgery. The sound of the clock moving its hands and of the teacher droning from her desk had enveloped the room for a good hour without interruption, and it appeared that it would continue that way.
No resistance was met to the typical, expected display, accompanied by the same dull eyes staring ahead at the blackboard, the same scraping of pencil lead against flat sheets of plant matter shavings, the same empty heads and hollow gazes and vain attempts at absorbing useless information -- all save for two people sitting in the front row, the only live ones among the pitiful lot.
Zim's false indigo orbs glanced suspiciously in the direction of the raven-haired youth positioned by the window, though the movement was slight and unnoticed by th
:iconbaffledfox:BaffledFox 142 18



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